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Walter William Roy Bradford

Morrisburg, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag, with differences to Donald William Bradford, Barbara Elizabeth Jane Bradford, Peter William Roy, Lori Elizabeth Ann, Krista Lynn, Stephanie Marie, James William Howard, and Jennifer Dawn
December 14, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 183

Arms of Walter William Roy Bradford

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Azure between three hunting horns Or stringed and embellished Argent a fess bretessed Or charged with a bar gemel Azure;


Issuant from a Saxon crown Or, a demi wolf Azure winged and holding between the paws a steam locomotive wheel Argent;





The design is based on the arms borne by the Bradfords of Yorkshire. This particular colour combination shows a relationship to the arms granted by the Chief Herald of Canada to Mr. Bradford’s cousin, Mr. W.R.C. Bradford. As a mark of difference, the central stripe makes a reference to Mr. Bradford’s career with Canadian National Railways.


The wolf, originally shown as a wolf’s head on the Bradford of Yorkshire shield, is now in the crest, as it was in Mr. W.R.C. Bradford’s arms. This wolf, in blue, has been given white wings, representative of Mr. Bradford’s R.C.A.F. service, and it is holding a white locomotive wheel, a symbol of his railway career. The wolf is placed within a Saxon crown, a device from English heraldry. Here it refers to Mrs. Bradford’s family name of Saxon.


This is a traditional Bradford motto meaning “Bold and wise”.