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Charles Vincent Massey

Port Hope, Ontario
Registration of Augmented Arms
March 15, 2017
Vol. VI, p. 690

Arms of Charles Vincent Massey

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Argent on a chevron between three lozenges Sable each charged with a fleur-de-lis Argent, three stags heads erased Or, a canton Azure charged with the Crest of the Royal Arms of Canada (on a wreath Argent and Gules a lion passant guardant Or wearing the Royal Crown proper and holding in the dexter paw a maple leaf Gules);


Issuant from an antique crown Or a bull’s head Sable armed Or charged on the neck with a lozenge Argent thereon a fleur-de-lis Sable;





The white field, black chevron and lozenges, as well as the fleurs-de-lis are common charges found in other Massey or Massy coats of arms. The stags’ heads are likely a reference to Mr. Massey’s father, Hart Almerrin Massey, as the word “hart” is a synonym for stag. The blue canton charged with the crest of the Royal Arms of Canada is an Honourable Augmentation granted to Mr. Massey by Her Majesty The Queen to honour his service as Governor General of Canada.


The bull’s head emerging from a crown is used as a crest with other Massey/Massy arms.


This Latin phrase means “As long as I am wearing myself out, I am useful”.