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429 Transport Squadron

Astra, Ontario
Confirmation of a Standard
April 20, 2017
Vol. VI, p. 705

Étendard of the 429 Transport Squadron

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Bleu Céleste the Badge of the 429 Transport Squadron, as confirmed by the Chief Herald of Canada on the 15th day of March 2012, between eight scrolls Argent edged Or and inscribed in letters Sable, those to the dexter inscribed ENGLISH CHANNEL AND NORTH SEA 1943-1945; FORTRESS EUROPE 1943-44; BERLIN 1943-1945; NORMANDY 1944; those to the sinister inscribed BALTIC 1943-1945; BISCAY 1943-1944; FRANCE AND GERMANY 1944-1945; RHINE; all within a bordure of the floral emblems of the provinces of Canada proper;



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