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Vincent Paul Beswick-Escanlar

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
July 20, 2017
Vol. VI, p. 738

Arms of Vincent Paul Beswick-Escanlar

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Per chevron Gules and Azure a chevron barry wavy Argent and Azure between in chief two suns Or and in base a sword surmounting a balance Or and entwined by a snake Argent;


Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves and western red lilies Gules, a sea-lion Or winged Gules charged with a Brigid cross Or, holding in its sinister paw a paintbrush and in its dexter paw a quill pen Argent;





The colours are taken from the national flag of the Philippines, the home of Dr. Beswick-Escanlar’s ancestors. The chevron with the billowing pattern represents his mother’s family, who owned a garment factory in Taytay in the Philippines. The triangular shape at the base of the shield evokes a mountain, namely Mount Napulak, the place of origin of his father’s family in the Philippines. The suns are Philippine cultural symbols. The sword entwined by a serpent stands for his career as a military physician. The balance represents his wife’s career as a lawyer.


The sea-lion is a cultural symbol from the Philippines, and the coronet of maple leaves and prairie lilies marks the fact that Dr. Beswick-Escanlar’s parents settled in Saskatchewan after immigrating. The wings allude to his father-in-law’s American heritage, symbolized by the bald eagle. The St. Brigid’s cross recalls his mother-in-law’s Irish background as well as the family’s Catholic faith. The paintbrush honours the artistic skill of Dr. Beswick-Escanlar’s father, and the quill pen represents the passion his parents-in-law have for writing.


This phrase is a military principle of leadership that Dr. Beswick-Escanlar often quotes to patients to empower them to improve their own health.