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Donald Thomas Brearley

Belleville, Ontario
Grant of Arms
January 15, 2002
Vol. IV, p. 193

Arms of Donald Thomas Brearley

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Gules in bend a sheathed sword hilt in chief surmounting in bend sinister a rod of Aesculapius between in pale two roses and in fess two shuttles Argent;


Issuant from an ancient coronet Or, a sprig of three maple leaves Gules;





The rod of Aesculapius symbolizes the medical profession, and the sword is a depiction of one which belonged to Dr. Brearley’s great-grandfather during the American Civil War. The two roses represent his two children, and the shuttles allude to his descent from weavers in England.


The coronet resembles that used by Queen’s University at Kingston, Dr. Brearley’s alma mater. The three maple leaves refer to the fact that he and his two siblings are first generation Canadians.


This Latin phrase translates as “Honour is virtue’s reward,” and is associated with other Brearleys.