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Blackdown Cadet Training Centre

Borden, Ontario
Approval of a Badge
July 20, 2018
Vol. VII, p. 96

Badge of the Blackdown Cadet Training Centre

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Argent a maple leaf Gules charged with a torch enflamed Or, a base barry wavy Azure and Argent, all encircled by an annulus Sable edged and inscribed CADETS and BLACKDOWN in letters Or and enclosed by the Miscellaneous Badge Frame (A wreath of maple leaves, overall in base a scroll Or inscribed with the Motto in letters Sable, in chief the Royal Crown proper);





The torch and the maple leaf are taken from the badge used previously by the Blackdown Cadet Training Centre’s predecessor, Cadet Camp Ipperwash. The torch represents training and education. The maple leaf alludes to the Canadian Army, the wavy bands to the Royal Canadian Navy, and their light blue colour to the Royal Canadian Air Force. The training centre is used by all three environments.


This Latin phrase means “Excellence through learning.”