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Joshua Edward Shankowsky

Edmonton, Alberta
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
June 15, 2018
Vol. VII, p. 92

Arms of Joshua Edward Shankowsky

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Per fess nebuly Gules and Or, an oak tree eradicated counterchanged fructed Gules;


A phoenix Gules embellished, issuant from flames and holding in its beak an oak leaf Or;





Red and gold represent for Mr. Shankowsky the ideas of love and compassion. The oak is a tree common to Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Romania, and represents Mr. Shankowsky’s family roots in these countries. The division line alludes to the connectedness of generations and the idea of putting together pieces of a puzzle, a reference to the genealogical research Mr. Shankowsky has undertaken.


The phoenix, a mythical creature that rises from its ashes, represents the strength to carry forward through adversity. The flames illustrate Mr. Shankowsky’s involvement as a volunteer firefighter. The oak leaf alludes to the tree in the Arms.


This Latin phrase means “Strength in adversity.”