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Fred George

Bedford, Nova Scotia
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badge, with differences to Latie Christie George, Jessica Alexandra George, Kayla Laura George and Lara Julia George
November 15, 2018
Vol. VII, p. 128

Arms of Fred George

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Azure a Phoenician galley above six lozenges fesswise 3, 2, 1 Or;


A demi-cheetah Or spotted Azure holding in the dexter paw a naval officer’s sword proper and resting the sinister paw on an anchor Azure fouled of an olive branch Or;





Blue is Mr. George’s favourite colour, and, together with the ship, reflects his active support for the Royal Canadian Navy, of which he is an Honorary Captain. The Phoenician design of the ship reflects his birthplace of Lebanon, situated in the land known in ancient times as Phoenicia. The gold shapes represent his business of gold mining.


The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal, and represents the value Mr. George places on accomplishing tasks with speed and vigour. The naval officer’s sword and anchor are further references to his position as an Honorary Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy. The olive branch symbolizes Lebanon.


This is a favourite saying of Mr. George’s when confronted by challenges.