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Vallance Jane Florence Dimsdale Knott Hungerford

Vancouver, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to George Nairn Farrell Hungerford, Michael Lyall MacLaren Hungerford, Andrew William Murdoch Hungerford and Wallace Jane Mary MacKay Hungerford
September 20, 2018
Vol. VII, p. 113

Badge of  Vallance Jane Florence Dimsdale Knott Hungerford

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A bunch of mountain ash berries issuant therefrom four branches of mountain ash in saltire proper, each branch enfiling a loop of a Bowen knot Argent;



The knot alludes to her birth name, Knott. Its shape alludes to a saltire for her Scottish ancestry. The mountain ash is a symbol of her MacKay ancestors, the mountain ash being found in MacKay territory in Scotland. The ten berries represent the members of her family.