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Knox College

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms
December 15, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 337

Arms of Knox College

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Per saltire Argent and Purpure, in chief a terrestrial globe Azure its lines of latitude and longitude Argent, in base a bush enflamed proper;


An open book Argent bound Purpure irradiated Or;





Purple and white are the colours of the College, and the globe and burning bush have been long used by Knox College as symbols. The burning bush, from the Book of Exodus, is the traditional symbol of Presbyterianism. The globe indicates the worldwide reach of Christianity and the work of the College. The blue and white of the globe are the colours of the University of Toronto. The X division is indicative of the Cross of St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland.


The crest repeats the colours of the arms. The book represents the Bible, the rays a traditional way of indicating its sacred character. The crest thus makes a direct connection with the motto (a feature of Scottish heraldry). The irradiated book appeared on an old emblem of the College.


This Latin phrase means “The word gives light.” It refers to the crest, and it emphasizes the key role of the Bible in Christian life and education.