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David Kelsey Dorward

Caledon East, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to Kira Alexandra Wronska Dorward
May 10, 2004
Vol. IV, p. 373

Arms of David Kelsey Dorward

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Gules between two oak leaves the arrow of the Kościesza clan (an arrow fourché, head in chief, conjoined with a billet fesswise), on a chief Argent a Loyalist military coronet Gules;


Two cubit arms in saltire proper the dexter habited Azure holding a panache of feathers Gules, the sinister in chain mail proper holding an arrow as in the Arms Argent;





The Loyalist military coronet represents Mr. Dorward’s descent through his mother’s line from Abraham Coons of the Loyal Rangers (or Jessup’s Rangers) Regiment. The Polish family symbol “Kosciesza”, which resembles a stylised arrow with a horizontal bar and a forked tail, is that used by the family of Mr. Dorward’s wife, Diana Janosik-Wronski. Mr. Dorward has been educated in history, politics, and industrial relations, and works in the field of industrial relations and organizational behaviour. Each of the aspects in these dualities of education and experience, or avocation and vocation, may be represented by an oak leaf because each strengthens one’s life, and oaks symbolise strength.


The arms signify the heritage of the families of Mr. and Mrs. Dorward. The red heckle alludes to Mr. Dorward’s grandfather who served in the 42nd Highlanders, the Black Watch Regiment. This is the only regiment granted permission to wear the red heckle of feathers in their caps. The other arm is in chain mail and holds a white Kosciesza arrow to represent the heritage of Diana Janosik-Wronski.


It captures part of Mr. Dorward’s name.