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12e Régiment blindé du Canada

Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Confirmation of the blazon of a Badge
October 4, 2004
Vol. IV, p. 430

Badge of the 12e Régiment blindé du Canada

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Gules the number 12e Or within an annulus Azure edged and inscribed ADSUM and REGIMENT BLINDE in letters Or, ensigned by the Royal Crown proper and flanked by two maple branches Or surmounted in base with a beaver on a log proper.





The maple leaves and the beaver represent service to Canada, and the Crown, service to the Sovereign. The ordinal number 12 and the words “REGIMENT BLINDE” are a form of the regimental title and “ADSUM” is the motto of the regiment. The number 12 also represents the 12th Armoured Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment) of the Second World War.


Meaning “Present”.