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Robert James Sinclair Gibson

Calgary, Alberta
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
September 16, 2002
Vol. IV, p. 240

Arms of Robert James Sinclair Gibson

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Chequy of nine Azure and Or, four badger paw prints Azure;


A sea-lion Or winged and queued Azure holding a branding iron Sable;





The "chequy" design is a traditional symbol of financial stewardship and therefore refers to Mr. Gibson's career. The badger is a particular symbol associated with Mr. Gibson's Cree heritage and also refers to the badger sporran of the Calgary Highlanders Regiment of which he is the Honorary Colonel.


The winged sea-lion refers to Mr. Gibson's service in the army and the navy, as well as to his recreational pursuits of flying and sailing. The lion is a favourite animal of his. The branding iron makes reference to his ranch.


This Scots Gaelic phrase can be interpreted as either "Walk softly" or "Tread lightly", implying the importance of acting with care. It also connects to the paw prints in the arms.