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Kirk Ross McPherson

Burlington, Ontario
Grant of Arms
April 2, 1995
Vol. III, p. 13

Arms of Kirk Ross McPherson

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Azure a lymphad Or sails furled oars in action, mast and tackling all proper, flags flying Gules on a chief Or an ansul Azure between a dexter hand couped holding a dagger pale ways and a cross crosslet fitchee Gules;


A wildcat sejeant guardant proper gorged with a collar of Dress Macpherson tartan proper pendant therefrom a maple leaf Or;





The hand and dagger, the cross-crosslet and the lymphad or galley are traditional Highland Scottish symbols and appear in the arms of the Chief of Clan Macpherson. They draw on the motifs of war, religion and the voyage of the first settlers to north Scotland. The scales of justice refer to Mr. McPherson’s legal profession.


A wild cat is a common symbol in crests of this Highland clan. The wild cat wears a collar of Dress Macpherson tartan, which repeats the clan symbolism, and the maple leaf pendant is a reference to Kirk McPherson’s country of birth.


This is a famous Highland motto. Its complete version, “Touch not the cat when it is without a glove”, refers to the “glove” of the wildcat, which is the soft part of the paw and when it assumes a war-like stance, the paw becomes spread but “ungloved” revealing the dangerous claws. It is a warning to those who engage in battle with the “Clan of the Wildcat”.