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Charles Macdonald Lloyd Buchanan

Victoria, British Columbia
Grant of Arms
May 25, 1995
Vol. III, p. 20

Arms of Charles Macdonald Lloyd Buchanan

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Azure four horses' heads Argent crined Or conjoined in cross at the neck between four crosses moline Argent;


A cougar sejeant affronty Azure gorged with a collar of maple leaves and holding in the dexter paw a rod of Aesculapius Or;





The white horse is taken from the arms of Lower Saxony (and originally Hanover) and honours Mr. Buchanan’s birthplace in that German Land (Province). The conjoining horses create a special emblem which, together with the four crosses moline, echoes the design of a Jerusalem cross.


The cougar symbolizes both British Columbia and strength of purpose. The cougar’s position is similar to the Royal Crest of Scotland and is a reference to Mr. Buchanan’s Scottish heritage. The collar of Canadian maple leaves honours his adopted country. The rod of Aesculapius represents Mr. Buchanan’s work with the ambulance service and broadly with the healing profession.


This German phrase means “Out of adversity, strength”.