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Joanne Margaret Avery

East York, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Badge, with differences to Mark James Avery and Jonathon Paul Avery
July 24, 1995
Vol. III, p. 28

Arms of Joanne Margaret Avery

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Or, a cross crosslett fitché between two hearts Gules a chief enarched rayonné Azure;


Rising out of a crown rayonné Or a Canada goose wings displayed proper each wing charged with an ankh Or;





The sun in splendour signifies energy, life and renewed hope, which is a central part of Joanne Avery’s work as a social worker and counsellor. The hearts play on the name Hartley, a reference to her mother’s family, and also represent her two sons, Mark and Jonathon. In this shield, the hearts appear to be supporting the cross crosslet fitché, a symbol of her Christian faith, thus reflecting the ideas of courage, tenacity and Christian values.


The Canada goose rises from a crown rayonné, repeating the motif of the shield and honours Ms. Avery’s Canadian heritage and the Avery name, which means “the keeper of birds”. The two ankhs represent eternal life and also symbolize her sons, Mark and Jonathon.


This Latin sentence means “By the light of love we flourish”.