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Saint Paul's Cathedral

Regina, Saskatchewan
Grant of Arms and Supporter
January 25, 1996
Vol. III, p. 65

Arms of  Saint Paul's Cathedral

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Azure two swords in saltire enfiling a celestial crown within a bordure all Or its inner line looping in foils of poplar of the field within the bordure at each angle and at regular intervals between;


A cathedra proper displaying on its tympanum the arms of the Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle videlicet: Ermine a cross couped Gules on a chief Azure a rising sun issuant Or;





The blue field represents the sky and life-giving water, a Christian metaphor for rebirth. The crossed swords are emblems used to symbolize the Apostle Paul, the patron saint of the Cathedral. The celestial crown is a reference to the biblical crown of life and to Regina, known as the “Queen City”. The poplar leaf border honours the Plains Indians who used this species of tree in the erection of their teepees.


The cathedra is used to designate Saint Paul’s Cathedral as the seat of the Bishop of Qu’Appelle, indicated by the arms of the Diocese of Qu’Appelle placed at the top of the cathedra. The crosses of St. Chad below the seat refer to the Diocese of Lichfield in England, the origins of the first Bishop of Qu’Appelle, the Right Reverend Adelbert Anson.


REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAY is taken from St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians 4:4.