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William Proctor Elms

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms
March 18, 1996
Vol. III, p. 73

Arms of William Proctor Elms

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Or a great blue heron (Ardea herodias) proper on a chief Azure three elm leaves Or;


A falcon's head couped Argent in the beak Or a maple leaf and elm leaf also Or;





The colours blue and gold are those of The Royal Canadian Regiment, in which both Mr. Elms’s sons served. The elm leaves are a reference to the family name, “Elms”. The great blue heron honours Mr. Elms’s father, George William Elms. It is also native to Ontario, Mr. Elms’s birthplace, and to Newfoundland, the Canadian origin of the Elms family.


The falcon is taken from the badge associated with Mr. Elms’s regiment, the 48th Highlanders of Canada. It is also significant because the falcon depicted is native to Newfoundland and thus continues to honour the memory of Mr. Elms’s father. The maple and elm leaves reflect the military careers of three generations of Elms men and their service to Canada.