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Robert Michael Boyko

Mississauga, Ontario
Grant of Arms
March 3, 1998
Vol. III, p. 159

Arms of Robert Michael Boyko

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Gules on a chevron Argent between in chief two open books and in base a rod of Aesculapius Or a rose Gules barbed Vert between two oak leaves also Vert;


An eagle wings elevated and addorsed Bleu-Celeste beaked and membered and gorged with a circlet pendant therefrom a Ukrainian tryzub and holding in its beak a sprig of wheat Or;





The two open books are taken from the Arms of the University of Toronto and symbolize the teaching that Dr. Boyko does for the University of Toronto and the St. John Ambulance Brigade. The oak leaves are also taken from the crests of the University of Toronto and its Faculty of Medicine. The rose represents Dr. Boyko’s birth month. The rod of Aesculapius is the symbol of the medical profession, and indicates that Dr. Boyko practises family medicine.


Light blue is one of the national colours of Ukraine and honours Dr. and Mrs. Boyko’s Ukrainian heritage. The branch of wheat, which is also a Ukrainian symbol, refers to Dr. Boyko’s son. The eagle is symbolic of discipline and strength, two qualities that Dr. Boyko made use of to complete his studies.


This Latin expression means “Merit and dedication”.