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Hugh Guthrie

Guelph, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badge, with differences to Hugh Donald Guthrie, Donald Frank Neil Guthrie, Lorna Margaret Guthrie, Patricia Ann Guthrie, Caroline Gay Guthrie, and Barbara Claire Stewart
April 16, 1998
Vol. III, p. 221

Arms of Hugh Guthrie

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Quarterly first and fourth Or a lion rampant grasping in the dexter paw a maple leaf Gules second and third Azure a garb Or banded Gules all within a bordure counterchanged of the field and charged with three cats' faces alternating with three cross crosslets fitchée all counterchanged of the bordure;


A dexter arm embowed proper holding the scales of Justice Or surmounted by a maple leaf Gules;





The quartered arms of lions and garbs of wheat are those of the Chief of the Clan Guthrie, which have been differenced by the addition of the maple leaves to honour Mr. Guthrie’s Canadian identity, and by the border bearing cats’ faces and cross crosslets fitchee, symbols associated with the Clan Macpherson, alluding to the family’s ancestral connection with that clan.


The crest of the Chief of the Clan Guthrie is an arm holding a sword. Here, the substitution of the scales of justice refers to the several generations of the family who have been active in the legal profession, most notably the Honourable Hugh Guthrie, P.C., K.C. (1866-1939), federal Solicitor General (1917-1921) and Minister of Justice (1930-1935).


Meaning “I stand for the justice”, this Latin sentence is a variation of the motto of the Chief of the Clan Guthrie.