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Robert Ian MacDonald

Manotick, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Badge, with differences to Andew Ian MacDonald and David James MacDonald
January 15, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 272

Arms of Robert Ian MacDonald

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Argent semé of estoiles, on a Canadian pale Gules a crossconnect symbol Argent, on a chief Gules semé of estoiles a Canadian pale Argent charged with a dexter hand gauntleted fesswise holding a cross crosslet fitché Gules;


A lymphad Gules, its sail unfurled Argent charged with an estoile Gules, flagged Argent;





The arms are in the colours of Canada, red and white. The stars represent photons, minute bursts of radiant energy that form the units of the transmission of light. The crossconnect is a charge new to heraldry but one that has recently been introduced as a symbol into the field of telecommunications, indicating a place where many lines come together for routing. In combination with the symbols for photons, it represents Dr. MacDonald's profession as a photonic telecommunications engineer. The hand holding the cross crosslet has for centuries been a symbol of the Clan Donald, to which Dr. MacDonald belongs.


The lymphad is a vessel traditional to both the Vikings and the inhabitants of the Scottish isles. It is the symbol of the branch of the Clan Donald to which Dr. MacDonald belongs – MacDonald of the Isles, from his family's origins in the Isle of Gigha – and represents as well his father's Icelandic ancestors. The red estoile refers to those found on the shield, making the crest unique to Dr. MacDonald and forming a "bridge" between crest and shield.


A phrase chosen by Dr. MacDonald as a statement of intellectual curiosity.