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Medical Alumni Association of the University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag
July 22, 1998
Vol. III, p. 263

Arms of the Medical Alumni Association of the University of Toronto

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Argent semé of ankhs on a cross engrailed Sable between four bezants a lozenge Or charged with a staff of Aesculapius Vert all within a bordure compony Gules and Or counter-compony Or and Azure;


Rising from a mound Vert between two acorns Or leaved Vert an oak tree Or leaved Vert fructed Or;





The shield in the centre is that of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto. The rod of Aesculapius is a well-known symbol of medicine. The ankhs, or crux ansata, were a symbol of life in ancient Egypt. The gold discs can refer to pills of medicine. The border, in the red, blue and gold Faculty colours, indicates that the Medical Alumni Association is a body that is closely affiliated with the Faculty.


The crest is that of the Faculty of Medicine, which itself is derived from the crest of the University of Toronto. The Association’s crest has the addition of the two acorns on the ground, a reference to the Association’s work in assisting and encouraging medical students through awards and financial assistance.


This Latin phrase means “May it flourish always”.