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Christopher Harrington Jones

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag, with differences to Sebastian William Harrington Jones
May 20, 2005
Vol. IV, p. 502

Arms of Christopher Harrington Jones

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Bendy of three each per bend nebuly Argent and Azure;


A sea-owl displayed Azure beaked and queued Argent;





Blue and white are the colours of the University of Toronto, from where both Mr. Jones and his wife, Dr. Christine Williams, have degrees. These colours are also associated with marine and winter sports. The “nebuly” division line makes several allusions, most notably, through the imagery of puzzle pieces fitting together, to Mr. Jones’ career in business law, and, through the reference to the helical shape of DNA, to Dr. Williams’ work in cancer cell research. The nebuly line is based on a cloud pattern and thus indicates Mr. Jones’ interest in flying, and the fact that it is a series of letter Cs can serve as a reference to the forenames Christopher and Christine. The placement on an angle can refer to ski slopes and to sails. The whole pattern indicates the joining together of diverse interests.


The owl, an ancient symbol of wisdom, was a symbol of Middle House, Victoria College, University of Toronto, where Mr. Jones lived while an undergraduate. Here it is shown in the colours of the arms and with its lower half as a fish. This makes a reference to Mr. Jones’ love of sailing, scuba diving and fishing. As it is a bird, it can refer to the fact that he possesses a pilot’s license.


PROPOSITUM SAPIENTER COLE means “Pursue your purposes with wisdom” and is based on a suggestion by Mr. Jones’ friend Robert Butler of the Classics Department of the University of Manitoba.