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Fredrick John Butler-Caughie

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
September 15, 2005
Vol. IV, p. 529

Arms of Fredrick John Butler-Caughie

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Per pale Gules and Azure a covered cup and in chief a Maltese cross between two trefoils Argent;


A demi-lion Gules holding in its dexter paw a cross crosslet fitché Argent, its sinister paw resting on an escutcheon Gules;





The colour red represents the blood of Christ, in whose name Major Butler-Caughie serves, and the blue represents the Holy Spirit who empowers him. The red and white colours also allude to his affection for his country, these being the colours of Canada. The cup symbolizes the name “Butler”, as well as service to God and humankind. The Maltese cross alludes to his charitable activities and his service as a chaplain in the Canadian Forces. Each of the trefoils represents the Holy Trinity.


The lion with cross and red shield is symbolic of the Major’s position as a cleric in the Salvation Army.


SPES MEA IN DEO means “My hope is in God”.