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8th Regiment of Foot (The King's Regiment)

Ottawa, Ontario
Confirmation of the blazon of a Flag
February 15, 2008
Vol. V, p. 225

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Azure a torteau charged with a horse trotting Argent, all within a belt Azure edged, buckled and inscribed HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE [Shame on him who thinks ill of it] Or, a canton of the Royal Union Flag 1707 inscribed “VIII”, all between three Royal Cyphers of His Majesty King George III Or, each ensigned by the Royal Crown proper;



The flag shown here is one of the historic flags of Canada in that it flew, or was believed to have flown, in what is today Canada. It has been selected along with 14 other flags to be included on a heritage poster showing a selection of historical flags of British North America.


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The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on November 22, 2008, in Volume 142, page 2985 of the Canada Gazette.

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