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City of York

York, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Supporters, Flag and Badge
October 26, 1993
Vol. II, p. 291

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Vert dexter a pale wavy Argent charged with a pallet wavy Azure sinister a sprig of rose Or flowered Argent;


A rock dove proper rising out of a Mural Crown Or masoned Azure;


On a grassy mound dexter a beaver sejant erect Or gorged with a ribbon Vert Argent and Azure sinister a lion sejant the right forepaw raised Or gorged with a like ribbon;


E SINGULIS COMMUNITAS. This Latin phrase means "From individuals, a community".


A banner of the arms;


A hexagon Vert charged with a sprig of rose Or flowered Argent;


In general, the symbolism of emblems prior to 2000 does not exist in an appropriate format for the online Register.


Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on March 19, 1994, in Volume 128, page 1684 of the Canada Gazette.

Artist Information

Original concept of Robert Black, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Linda Nicholson

Judith Bainbridge

Recipient Information

Civil Institution
Regional, Municipal etc Government