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Colin Alistair Mecum Fleming

London, England, United Kingdom
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
September 15, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 309

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Per chevron Gules and Azure, in chief two lilies Argent and in base a white-tailed tropicbird (Phaeton lepturus) volant proper;


A goat's head Argent accorné Gules holding in its mouth a Bermudiana flower (Sisyrinchium bermudianum) proper;




A standard, the Arms in hoist the fly Or charged with the Crest between three representations of the Badge, one to the dexter, two to the sinister, all separated by three bends Argent inscribed with the Motto in letters Sable;


On a Bermudiana flower (Sisyrinchium bermudianum) Azure a bezant charged with a triquetra Gules;



Red is a favourite colour of Mr. Fleming’s, and blue represents the waters around his birthplace of Bermuda. Blue and red are also the colours of the Bermuda Regiment, in which Mr. Fleming performed his military service. The longtail tropic bird is associated with Bermuda, and the flowers have several meanings. First, they can represent Bermuda Easter lilies. Second, they can represent garden lilies, a symbol of Quebec, from where Mr. Fleming’s parents originated. Finally, as a traditional symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the lily makes a reference to Mr. Fleming’s Christian faith.


The Bermudiana flower is a further reference to Mr. Fleming’s birthplace. The goat’s head has been used by other Flemings as a crest.


PROVIDE ET IUSTE CONDECET CUNCTA DISPONERE is a phrase from the Rule of St. Benedict 3:6, and it means “To dispose of all things with prudence and justice”. The Rule is a continuing source of inspiration for Mr. Fleming, and the motto carries an extra reference to his profession as a Chartered Accountant.


The symbolism of this emblem is found in other element(s) of this record.


The Bermudiana flower is taken from the crest, and the gold disc resembles a coin and thus refers to Mr. Fleming’s profession as a Chartered Accountant. The triquetra is an ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity and thus makes a reference to Mr. Fleming’s faith as well as to Ontario, his home for many years.


Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on March 12, 2005, in Volume 139, page 686 of the Canada Gazette.

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Original concept of Bruce Patterson, Saguenay Herald, assisted by the Heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority

Debra MacGarvie

Judith Bainbridge

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