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Village of Belcarra

Belcarra, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, Supporters, Flag and Badge
May 20, 2005
Vol. IV, p. 489

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Argent a pile reversed barry wavy Azure and Argent between a conifer eradicated Vert and a wolf in the Salish style rampant beating a drum all Azure, Vert and Argent;


Issuant from an antique crown Or charged with a frieze of shamrocks Vert, an eagle wings elevated and addorsed Azure, the head Argent beaked Or;


Dexter a bear Or armed Azure gorged with a collar of maple leaves Vert, sinister a stag Or attired and unguled Azure gorged with a collar of dogwood flowers Argent leaved and seeded Vert, both standing on a rock set with salal leaves and sword ferns proper;




A banner of the Arms;


Two conifer branches in saltire Vert surmounted by a cross wavy Azure;



The colours blue, white and green link the shield with the current Belcarra emblem. The triangle represents the waters of the Indian Arm, and the conifer also recalls the present emblem. The ancient presence of the First Nations in and around Belcarra is symbolized by the Salish wolf, associated with the wolf clan (children of Takaya) of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, known as “The People of the Inlet.”


The crown represents the mountain vistas seen from Belcarra. The shamrocks honour the Irish heritage of Belcarra’s founder. The eagle refers to Belcarra’s magnificent natural heritage. It also symbolizes the powerful spirit of the community.


The bear and stag allude to Belcarra’s natural heritage. The collars are a reference to Belcarra as a British Columbian and Canadian municipality. The gold refers to the light and warmth of the community’s spirit. The salal plants, sword ferns and rock continue to celebrate Belcarra’s geographical features.


BETWEEN FOREST AND SEA is a phrase that has long been used as the motto of Belcarra.


The symbolism of this emblem is found in other element(s) of this record.


The motto is illustrated as a visual metaphor.


Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on October 29, 2005, in Volume 139, page 3450 of the Canada Gazette.

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Original concept of Robert D. Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, assisted by the Heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority

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