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Province of Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan
Registration of Arms and Supporters
September 6, 1995
Vol. III, p. 34

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Vert three garbs in fesse Or on a chief Or a lion passant guardant Gules armed and langued Azure;


A beaver upholding with its back the Royal Crown and holding in the dexter foreclaw a Western Red Lily (Lilium philadelphicum andinum) slipped all proper;


Dexter a lion Or gorged with a collar of Prairie Indian beadwork proper and dependant therefrom a six-pointed mullet faceted Argent fimbriated and garnished Or charged with a maple leaf Gules and sinister a White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) proper gorged with a like collar and dependant therefrom a like mullet charged with a Western Red Lily slipped and leaved proper; the supporters standing on a scroll entwined with Western Red Lilies slipped and leaved proper inscribed with the Motto;





The lion is a royal symbol and the wheat sheaves recognize Saskatchewan’s core industry, agriculture. The colours are representative of the natural elements typical to the province: yellow for wheat, green for forests and grass, and red for the western red lily and prairie fires.


The Royal Crown is a symbol of the Sovereign and indicates Saskatchewan’s status within Confederation. The beaver is symbolic of the Canadian North, the fur trade and the province’s aboriginal population. It holds a western red lily, the provincial floral emblem.


The lion repeats the reference to the Sovereign, and the white-tailed deer, the provincial animal emblem. They wear collars of Prairie Indian beadwork in recognition of the First Nation inhabitants of the province. The star-shaped pendants worn by the supporters are in the form of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. The maple leaf that hangs from the lion’s collar alludes to Canada and the western lily worn by the deer refers to Saskatchewan. The western lilies upon which the lion and deer stand continue the reference to the province.


This Latin sentence means “From many peoples, strength”, and expresses the ethnic diversity of Saskatchewan’s population.


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The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on March 24, 2001, in Volume 135, page 936 of the Canada Gazette.

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