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Daniel Bellemare

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag
January 15, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 267

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Gules a lion rampant guardant holding in its dexter paw a balance and in its sinister paw a Maltese cross Or;


Issuant from a circlet of maple leaves and fleurs-de-lis Gules, a demi lion affronté Or blindfolded and holding in its dexter paw a balance Gules and in its sinister paw a sword blade downward Argent hilted Gules;




A banner of the Arms;



The scales of justice are borrowed from the logo of the Department of Justice of Canada and represent the profession of lawyer exercised by Maître Bellemare within that department since 1976. It recalls more specifically his many years of service as Crown Attorney. The lion is meant to symbolize both his title, since 1990, as Queen's Counsel (Q.C.) and his main qualities of strength, determination and tenacity. The Maltese cross refers to his title of Commander of the Order of St. John.


The lion repeats the symbolism on the shield. Moreover, its depiction recalls the logo of the International Association of Prosecutors and the work done by Maître Bellemare as a founding member of that organization. The blindfolded lion reminds one that justice is blind and therefore impartial.


Meaning "Dare to know" invites one to think differently or independently. The parchment scrolls on both sides of the motto refer to the numerous writings of Maître Bellemare.


The symbolism of this emblem is found in other element(s) of this record.


Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on December 20, 2003, in Volume 137, page 3981 of the Canada Gazette.

Artist Information

Original concept of Claire Boudreau, Saint-Laurent Herald, and Karine Constantineau, Assistant Herald, assisted by the Heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority

Linda Nicholson

Suzzann Wright

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